Mzansi divided as petition against ‘home wrecker’ Mihlali Ndamase gathers momentum

To her! Ziyahala emzansi. Did you know some people are not happy about Michali Ndamase dating a married man and rubbing it in his estranged wife’s face?

Well, as you may know, Mogel has been trending on top of Twitter ever since she started dating wealthy businessman Liroy Sidambe. According to rumors and legal documents, Leroy was and remains legally married to his wife, Mary Jane.

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Although some say they have separated, it is quite clear that in the wife’s mind, she is still happily married and will always be the one and only Mrs. Sidambe. Yes, she was recently seen on video calling herself the only Mrs. despite the public display of affection between the YouTuber and Mary Jane’s husband.

The love triangle was on everyone’s lips: Michalali was dubbed “Mary Jane Light”, a younger version of Leroy’s wife, and then attacked for choosing to be with a married man.

And now social media attacks on the 25-year-old have intensified after controversial gossip monger Musa Khawula accused her of destroying homes and launched a petition calling on brands such as Coca-Cola to cut ties with the popular influencer.

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“It’s a shame that big brands like Coca-Cola continue to work with and associate themselves with Mihlali Ndamase after we saw on social media that she’s actively involved in destroying a home by dating a married man,” the gossip monger said on Twitter. . petition.

Hmmm… This petition has about 3,500 signatures. Not only that, but now #justiceformaryjane is making its way up the trending list. However, Mihlali still has support and has called out a gossip monger on Twitter who is trying to jeopardize her career.

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