Durban gen actor Nyaniso Dzedze compares his abusive role as Dr. Dlomo to his father abusing his mother. Fans of the medical drama were relieved when Dr. Dlomo was killed off by his wife, Sne, on Friday, September 30.

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Ex Generations actor Nyaniso Dzede, whose character Doctor Dloma was abusive towards his wife Sne (the role of the former A knot actress Nambulela Mlonga) in Durban, Gen said that playing the character was his real-life experience of his father abusing his mother as a child.

On his Instagram account, Dzede announced that he wanted to quit the role and called his agent, who was crying:

“I read the scenes and realized that it was very much a reflection of what my mother went through with my father. My dad was the doctor of Dloma in my mother’s life,” Dzede said.

“It was so hard for me to face that part of my hurt, the part of my own story that I wasn’t really telling myself.”

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“Thanks for sharing this 😢😢😢😢😢 we all want to be actors but don’t want to accept what it takes to be an actor especially the great Ansi Tata ….THIS IS catering to me.


“You did a great job with the role🙌, your art is always amazing🔥. So sorry about the triggers of past traumas, I guess it happened to you to learn that you can never be that person. I hope everything will pass with time.”


“Jongaaah, I loved and hated you at the same time. Your voice and way osithetha ngayo Isixhosa. Master class. It’s a shame that it triggered past emotions.”


“Man, that role you played really touched me, I’m so glad you played it so well, even though it must have been hard for you too.”

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