Radio host Jeremy Mansfield announced on his Facebook page on Friday, August 5 that his cancer has progressed to stage 4. The star was first diagnosed with liver cancer in January of this year after beating leukemia 13 years ago.

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In a Facebook post at the weekend, radio and TV presenter Jeremy Mansfield made the devastating announcement from Wits Hospice that doctors had told him his liver cancer had progressed to stage 4.

He wrote: “The specialist surgeon who leads everyone on the team looking after me has confirmed that my cancer is confirmed to be stage 4, terminal and now only palliative care. This dream team (as I now call it) will tell me how to have the most fun in the time I have left and fulfill as many dreams, big and small, as possible on my bucket list. A new journey for Kara and the rest of our families begins today.”

It comes after he revealed earlier this year that he was hospitalized for two months as he was not feeling 100%, was told he had some form of liver cancer and doctors discovered a growth on his spine which had to be removed removed as a result of two painful operations on the spine.

“The docs don’t know what type, so I’m going back next week to do another biopsy to find the right cell. In this way, oncologists can develop the right treatment.’

The Hot 91.9 FM host also vowed to be cancer free and said he was diagnosed with leukemia** 13 years ago after nine months of treatment.

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In 2009, Mansfield was also diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which is a type of blood cancer that affects the lymph nodes.

According to, liver cancer is complicated by the fact that most patients have damage that limits the organ’s function. The liver provides an important service to the body by aiding in digestion and detoxification. Decreased liver function can lead to serious, even life-threatening, conditions. Decreased liver function may also be important in choosing treatment options.

According to the site, advanced stage 4 cancer has two subcategories:

  • Stage 4A: One or more tumors of any size are found, and the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes but has not reached distant sites.
  • Stage 4B: One or more tumors of any size are found. Cancer may or may not reach nearby lymph nodes, but it has spread to distant organs such as the lungs or bones.

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