Polygamist and reality star Musa Mseleku failed to land a fifth wife, as revealed at the end of the fifth season of his reality show Uthando Nes’thembu.


Musa Mselevku wanted to take a fifth wife, but his other wives were against it. Polygamy married to four women – Machele, Mayeni, MaNgwabe and Makumala. The fifth wife is allegedly Vera Duma.

He stated that he asked his wives for permission to take a fifth wife in the modern way. It was because in the old days he just told them. Musa explained that he used to ask his first wife and she would ask his other wives, but nowadays it doesn’t work that way.

“I am asking my wives to allow me to take a fifth wife, it is no longer a question for me. I’m just waiting for them to say yes or no. And I do it in a modern way. If it was before [during the olden days]I would tell them I am taking another wife,” he said, according to The Citizen.

“I’m supposed to talk to the first wife and tell her I intend to take a fifth wife and she’ll have intercourse with the other wives, but it doesn’t work that way these days because all wives should be treated the same,” — he continued.

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Twitter users don’t seem to be a fan of Musa and don’t approve of him taking a fifth wife. look…

“Watching Mnakweta, I realized that it is useless to officially deny him to officially take a second or third wife, because Musa kept emphasizing that Mphahlele was intimate with Temoho and came to his wife, there was a sexual relationship,” wrote @Gogovulabashiye .

“Musa mseleku is toxic. I can’t stand this man,” wrote @ErykahBaNcu.

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