Mzanzi’s most notorious gossip monger, Musa Khawula, found himself without alcohol on Saturday night after being kicked out of popular celebrity nightspot Monarch in Sandton.

The gossip blogger took to social media early on Sunday morning, sharing a video of him entering the club and telling his followers that he had been kicked out of the club “for no reason”.

In a second tweet, Moussa said he believed the monarch was running a sex house and that’s why he was kicked out.

“I think, Monarch, Sandton runs a sex house, or else why would they drag me out and tell me we know you, brat!” he wrote on Twitter.

In the comments on his post, however, it was mentioned that Moussa knows very well why he was kicked out and that the club is simply protecting the opinion of its customers.

Khawula is known for leaking the personal affairs of South African celebrities on his social media accounts.

In August, the gossip blogger was allegedly beaten up by actor, TV presenter and social media sensation Moshe Ndiki.

The two got into a physical altercation after Musa threw shade at Moshe during one of his infamous gossip tweets.

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“Moshe Ndiki welcomes his new dog Sulizinyembezi Ndiki. This comes after his husband Felo Bala left their matrimonial lease of the flat. Since then, Moshe Ndiki decided to become a dog father. He can’t act either, right?” Musa wrote on Twitter.

Moshe declined comment and responded to Musa’s tweet. “RENT? Do better, angel!” replied Moshe Ndiki along with photos of the title deed to his house.

A couple of hours after Moshe was attacked in the street on social media, Moussa tweeted his location, telling his followers that they could buy him drinks if they spotted him.

Moshe did not miss this great opportunity and headed to Musa, where he allegedly got into a physical altercation with the blogger.

Of course, local celebrities flocked to social media to praise Moshe for mopping the floor with Musa’s dreads.

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