On Monday, more than 36,000 candidates for the Western Cape Federation (NSC) will take exams.

About 13,000 candidates are adults and young people who are not in school, while most candidates are writing to improve their grades since last year.

Provincial Education Minister Debbie Schaefer says there are 174 examination centers across the province, with the choice of languages ​​being the first work to be written.

Schaefer wished the candidates well.

“The November NSC was held with minimal disruptions, to the credit of the residents of the Western Cape. Once again, I appeal to them to make sure that absolutely no failures prevent our candidates from achieving the best results. They deserve the support of each of us during these exams. I wish all the candidates all the best when they pass the exams and invest in their future. Work hard, do your best and know that we are here to support you to the fullest. ”

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