An adjournment after the tea party saw the defense in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, Timothy Thobane for accused 1 to 4 make their opening remarks at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

First, Thobane told the court during his cross-examination of state witness Thumela Madlala that the defense would present a witness who would testify as to how Kelly Khumalo benefited from Meyiwa’s death.

According to Thoban, a witness will be called to testify that Khumalo was the signatory and beneficiary of a life policy in Meyiwa’s name, although he did not give details on how long before the former goalkeeper’s death the policy was cancelled.

“Let the witness come and tell this to the court, because Senzo’s life politics had nothing to do with me, just like my politics had nothing to do with him,” says Madlala.

Thobane further told the court that Meyiwa had a “sexual relationship” with his girlfriend and the mother of his child’s sister, Zandi, while Zandi was staying at the same house as Meyiwa and Kelly in Malbarton and Kelly was away for long periods.

Madlala would neither confirm nor deny this.

“I would never deny it and I would never agree because Senzo loved women.”

Madlala also denies that on the day of the shooting they were driving to Sandton where Meyiwa’s then teammate Rui Mahamutsa was having a party, but parked outside because Meyiwa’s wife Mandisa Mkhize was at the party.

“You, Senzo, Kelly, Zandi and Mtoka went to Rui Mahamutsi’s party in Sandton,” Thoban accuses.

“The party is a party of people. Even the players can come and confirm if we were at the party,” says Madlala.

“You went to a party and when you got to the party, everyone was waiting in a car outside because Senzo Mandis’ wife was there,” Toban insists.

Madlala: “I’ve never been to parties. I wasn’t there.”

Toban: “I think you misunderstood the question; the witness says he saw you on the street.’

Madlala: “This is a lie. I would be glad if this witness could come and say that. I have never been there. When they picked me up, we went to buy alcohol and went to Kelly’s house.’

Tampers erupted when Madlala appeared to interrupt Thoban with a question that he did not take kindly to, raised his voice to rebuke the witness and told him to “behave yourself”.

But Madlala did not flinch.

“Don’t scream for time. Never do that (wags his finger).

At this point, Judge Chifhiva Maumala intervened in the case.

“He’s wrong to cut you off, but you can’t yell at him.”

State witness Thumela Madlala identified Accused 2, Bongani Sandis Ntanzi, as one of the two men who broke into Kelly Khumalo’s house minutes before former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead.

Without saying whether Ntanzi was the man who pulled the trigger, Madlala says the 32-year-old man from Freedom Park in Phokeng, Rustenburg, was the man whose arm was grabbed by Meyiwa as he pinned him against the wall in the kitchen.

“And a man whom you have seen before, when you meet that man again, it will not be difficult to recognize him. And I won’t lie about the man. Even this person knows,” says Madlala.

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