Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Guede Montasche.

Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gued Mantashe has suggested that his department may revoke Sibanye-Stillwater’s mining rights at its gold mines as the strike marks its tenth week with no signs of settlement.

After the minister’s speech on the budget vote on Thursday, he drew remarks from members of parliament about the stalemate between work and the mining company.

“I listened to Neil’s comments [Froneman, Sibanye-Stillwater CEO] that he has money [withstand] strike for years.

“In other words, we are sending us a message that he is not ready to actually mine gold. He has enough money to fight the strike and stop production for years, ”Mantashe said.

“It actually sent us a message saying that the relevant officials of the department [should] consider applying Section 47 to a mine that does not wish to mine but is on the property so that we can transfer that property to companies wishing to mine gold. ”

Sibanne-Stillwater could not immediately respond to the minister’s comments.

Section 47 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act gives the Minister the authority to suspend or revoke rights, permits, or permits in certain circumstances.

These are: if a mining company violates the law, violates the terms of its permit, contradicts its environmental management program, or provides inaccurate or misleading information regarding issues that must be submitted by law.

On Thursday, the strike entered its tenth week, as striking unions – the Association of Miners and Construction Unions (AMCU) and the National Union of Miners (NUM) – and the company failed to conclude a wage agreement.

The workers are demanding an increase of 1,000 rupees for each year of the three-year wage agreement. The company offers R800 plus R50 R50 increase in living allowance.

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