Former leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maiman weighed whether he considers former Cape Town Mayor Helen Zille a racist in the episode Podcasting and cooling on Thursday, May 19th.


Mmusi Maimane made an appearance on the controversial Podcasting and cooling with MacG. The former leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) weighed many different things, but one of them is Helen Zille.

Maiman was asked if he considered Zille a racist, and he said she said some “racist” things, in his opinion, but he respected her. He went on to say that this was part of the way to challenge the issue.

“I think Helen Zille says some very racist things in my opinion,” Maiman said.

“I worked with Elena. I respect her. I think she says some things that can be considered such (racist), but in the end part of the way is to challenge the issue. I thought the statement about colonialism, for example, was one of those statements that discriminated against people. It undermined the pain of black people, ”he continued.

Mmusi Maimane reveals about Helen Zille on “Podcast and Chill”. Images via Instagram @mmusimaimane and Twitter @helenzille.

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Twitter users after the interview overthrew Maiman for “racist” Helen. It happened because he called Nhlanla Lux in a podcast.

“Not Mmusi Maiman, who claims to be using someone when he was passionate about being Helen’s racist tool to get Black SA🤣🤣 votes,” @SneKhumaloSA tweeted.

“I like Musi Maiman as a person, but not as a politician, very idealistic. He struggled to summon Helen Zille and then incorrectly summoned Nhlanla Lux. However, I liked the questions of the MacG interview, and his time was exceptionally amazing, with his own league, ”@DreamerSib tweeted.

Others think he loves Zille.

“Mmusi Maiman loves Helen Zille,” he tweeted @ Tumzaza3.

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