SOREC ( launches the first central gaming solution “Made in Morocco” in partnership exclusively with Moroccan companies, which can be used by all types of gaming operators. SOREC joins a very limited network of approximately ten horse racing software DEVELOPERS and is now one of the few operators worldwide to have their own DIGITAL solution. Since launching in March 2022, GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC has completed a HUGE 150 million transactions.

Firmly committed to the process of modernization and digitization, SOREC is sparking a revolution in horse racing betting with Gamma SYSTEMS by SOREC, the first central horse racing betting solution developed in Africa.

With the launch of this new solution, SOREC aims to strengthen its leading position as a Moroccan gaming operator driven by the desire to develop the equine ecosystem. SOREC joins a very limited circle of around ten horse racing betting software developers and is now one of the few operators worldwide to have their own digital solution.

“By becoming the first African operator to launch a central horse racing betting solution, SOREC demonstrates its strong capacity for innovation and reaffirms its commitment to building an inclusive, sustainable and efficient equine ecosystem. We are proud to help our country shine beyond our expectations abroad. We believe that the execution of this ambitious project now positions SOREC as a leader notorious for its autonomy, the latter of which has been shown to be key to achieving its goals“, says Mr. Omar Skali, General Manager of SOREC.

GAMMA by SOREC, the one-of-a-kind “Made in Morocco” solution

Made entirely from scratch, GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC is a true technological prodigy created exclusively in partnership with Moroccan companies (PCARD, INGENIUS & BROME). These partnerships confirm SOREC’s belief in the potential of Moroccan skills to develop advanced and efficient systems. In addition, a dedicated SOREC team with advanced technical skills was tasked with developing this innovative solution.

“The tenacity, outstanding commitment and exceptional skills of our team have been critical to achieving SOREC’s bold 2012 vision.“, – says Mr. Abdelatif Chuki, Director of Information Systems and Technologies of SOREC.

A solution focused on performance and productivity

Since its launch in March 2022, GAMMA by SOREC has recorded a staggering 150 million transactions, thereby increasing the productivity of its partners by increasing sales and strengthening customer relationships. The solution currently handles over 1 million transactions per day with a peak of over 100 transactions per second.

International ambitions

Compliant with the best international standards, this innovative, secure and scalable solution offers flexible and competitive time-to-market. It will be available to all types of gaming and racing operators. In the short term, GAMMA SYSTEMS By SOREC will be of interest to many African and other international operators using American or European solutions. Exporting this solution is likely to be another opportunity for SOREC to promote Moroccan know-how.

The new solution opens the door to untapped potential and unlimited possibilities

GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC is a central server that processes all the necessary data for running games, such as registering bets, issuing tickets, calculating odds and profits and managing winning tickets. This server replaces the Carrus group’s S3000 system, which has enabled SOREC to triple its rates over the past 15 years.

GAMMA SYSTEMS by SOREC opens up new opportunities in horse racing, adding new ways to anticipate market trends in addition to a diversified product offering and optimized customer service. Indeed, the solution is expected to continue to evolve, enabling more product and service innovation in line with customer and partner expectations.

GAMMA SYSTEMS from SOREC is a major technological breakthrough that will help SOREC fulfill its mission and achieve its goals, namely the emergence and growth of a sustainable and competitive horse industry.

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About SOREC:
Société Royale d’Encouragement du Cheval (SOREC) is a Moroccan public company established in 2003 under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forestry. Due to its unique business model, SOREC is actively involved in all national equine operations. Its action covers all stages of the horse’s life cycle, from birth to final use. SOREC is at the heart of the Moroccan equine ecosystem and performs the following tasks:

  • Supervision of breeding and improvement in Haras nationaux
  • Jump control
  • Horse racing betting management
  • Creation, operation and improvement of infrastructure

From 2021, SOREC adopted a new national strategy “Generation Green 2020-2030”. The latter emphasizes the achievements of the equine industry over the past ten years, while incorporating a new component of human autonomy and self-determination. Moreover, the development of breeds and the monetization of the use of horses will give way to the emergence of economically viable and financially independent ecosystems. As a result, horse breeding is on its way to becoming the mainstay of rural development.

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