Microsoft may be getting ready to name its next big OS update the Windows 11 2022 Update. The report adds: References to this name appeared in near-final builds of the next major release of Windows 11, currently called 22H2. Twitter user XenoPanther spotted the name Windows 11 2022 Update in the Get Started program that appears when setting up a new PC. The name could just be a placeholder, or it could indicate that Microsoft is finally simplifying its often confusing Windows update names. We’ve seen a variety of names over the years, including the Creators Update moniker for the big Windows 10 update, more down-to-earth names like Windows 10 May 2021 Update, and most recently the moniker Windows 10 21H2. Microsoft considered naming its updates after animals or people, but has moved to safer monthly names instead of spot releases, as Apple does with iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and many other software updates. Moving to an annual naming convention for Windows 11 updates would make sense if Microsoft plans fewer major feature exclusions.

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