Official Xbox One sales have largely been a mystery, but now Microsoft is finally admitting the obvious: The PS4 has far outsold the Xbox One. From the report: At the start of fiscal 2016, Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox One sales, focusing instead on Xbox Live numbers. This change meant we never officially knew how well the Xbox One held up against the PS4 after the Xbox One’s troubled launch. Analyst estimates consistently place Microsoft in third place behind Sony and Nintendo, and now documents filed with Brazil’s national competition regulator are finally shedding light on how the Xbox One generation fared.

“Sony has surpassed Microsoft in terms of console sales and installed base, selling more than twice as many Xboxes in the last generation,” Microsoft admits, translated from Portuguese. Sony is no longer reporting PS4 shipments, which puts the all-time sales for March at 117.2 million. While Microsoft did not provide a specific sales figure for the Xbox One, this admission means that the company should sell less than approximately 58.5 million units. This is in line with Ampere Analysis’ 2020 market research, which reported an Xbox One install base of 51 million units at the end of Q2 2020. The Nintendo Switch’s all-time sales figure currently stands at 111.08 million, and it looks set to surpass the PS4’s year later this year.

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