The legal team of public defender Busisive Mhwebane claimed that she was “just one lonely woman” who was “sacrificed” by the most powerful.

FILE: Public Defender Busisive Mhwebane. Photo: Abigail Javier / Eyewitness News.

CAPE TOWN – The legal team of public defender Busisive Mhwebane has claimed that she is “just one lonely woman” who is “donated” by the most powerful.

Dali Mpofu’s lawyer, representing Mhwebane, told the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday that the entire network seemed “loaded” against the public defender.

“Rejecting Mkhweban will be punished and will affect her dignity,” the court said
– Mkhwebane returns to court to fight the parliamentary investigation of her competence
– Mkhweban with a challenge as the party committee prepares to investigate its competence

Mhwebane returned to the Supreme Court to ban a parliamentary inquiry into her jurisdiction.

Mhwebane named several reasons why the investigation into her suitability to take office should be stopped.

Mpofu said it involves a conflict of interest for the president. He added that Mhwebane also fell victim to the country’s top job.

“She, one woman, is a coordinated victim of the most powerful forces in this country imaginable. Head of state, there is no higher power ”.

Mpofu said the leak of text messages warning Mkhweban’s statement on the abolition of the Constitutional Court was an attempt to influence the Supreme Court’s application.

“Someone in the Constitutional Court traced the verdict to influence you, this court with respect. Not for fun or joy, but to influence the three judges.

The case continues.

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