Meta announced Wednesday that Portal Plus Gen 2 and Portal Go now support Duet Display, a program that can turn a display into an additional monitor for Macs and PCs. Ars Technica reports: The Portal Plus is the same size as some of the best portable monitors out there, so it makes sense to repurpose it for this feature. Because it’s built for video image quality, it has a decent resolution for a portable display — 2160×1440. Duet Display does not require a cable to connect the display to the computer, so certain portals are now also portable wireless monitors.

At a time when webcams are built into many laptops and USB webcams are easier to find, many consumers don’t need a display designed primarily for web calling. But an extra monitor? It has a wider appeal. With the addition of Duet Display, portal owners now have another reason to think about their portal when they’re not on a video call. Meta has also given all touchscreen portals, namely Portal Go, Portal Plus, Portal and Portal Mini, the Meta Portal Companion for macOS. The app lets you share your screen during video calls and provides quick access to video calling features like mute and link sharing in Zoom, Workplace, and BlueJeans.

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