Mastercard Inc. began testing a biometric payment system for regular stores using face recognition rather than contactless cards, smartphones or memorable PINs.

The company said its biometric cash register program would allow the buyer to scan their face using a smartphone app retail and assign them a resemblance to a bank card stored in a file. The technology is comparable to that of Apple Inc.’s iPhone. uses FaceID to approve payments or unlock your device.

“When the pandemic happened, we saw that everyone was digital and consumers were adopting new technologies,” said Ajay Bhala, president of Mastercard Cyber ​​& Intelligence. “In fact, consumers around the world have asked us about it for shopping, for their retail experience.”

The pilot program began this week at five St Marche supermarkets in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mastercard said in a statement.

Stores will use an app developed by Brazilian startup Payface, one of the small businesses that Mastercard promotes as part of its Start Path program.

In terms of hardware, Mastercard works with companies including NEC Corp. and Fujitsu General Ltd., soon plans to enter the international market.

“We have the Middle East and Africa, Asia and Latin America,” said Niley Clenoff, senior vice president of product innovation at Mastercard, in an interview.

“We are really looking forward to bringing this decision everywhere.”

She said more features that could use the technology are under development. Checking the age for buying restricted goods in a store is “actually what we’re starting to learn and what excites us a lot,” she said.

Face recognition is just one of many technologies that have been tested by retailers, banks and payment companies to eliminate cash and reduce fraud. Inc. has a system that uses in-store cameras to track what shoppers put in the cart, and charges them a fee when exiting its physical stores in the US and UK. He became interested in the British company J Sainsbury Plc, which installed it in a trial store, and Starbucks Corporation has a cafe in New York that also uses it.

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