Dineo Ranaka spoke on social media about her failed marriage.

Yesterday, the star revealed she is no longer single by declaring she is in love, and her radio host Sol Fenduka can testify.

Well, Dineo reflected on her failed marriage, saying that she had to forgive herself countless times for choosing a terrible husband.

She shared a video of a Muslim preacher talking about choosing the right partner.

Dineo said her marriage to her abusive ex-husband was ugly and her spirit turned ugly.

“I had to forgive myself countless times for choosing a terrible husband. It was I who had to forgive because it was I who made that choice. I had to accept that it was all me. Point out that you’re awful is an understatement. The most abusive man I have ever met and his abusive nature met my revenge which was equally horrible. The marriage was POOR to the point where my spirit became ugly!”

She then advised those who are just planning to force their partner to pray about it, as well as those who are already doing it, to find the courage to walk away.

“When you are in the process of choosing a spouse, I pray that you will do better by praying about it and not trusting your own judgment. And if you are already in this with a horrible husband, I pray you find the courage to get out!!! I was married to him for less than the term of my pregnancy, but it was enough for me to have the darkest revelation of my life. Does the thought of him or the mention of his name trigger me? Oh no, not at all. Do I miss him? Who doesn’t get enough of being beaten and cheated on like their life has no value?!? Did I forgive him, yes! But I hope he has forgiven himself. Moral of the story: We don’t know better than God. And it’s true…some people will switch to you only after you marry them and then you see go re vok mahn, Motho o ke lesepa la motho !! As it stands today, my God, I am blessed!! And the blessing is that I am freed from the captivity of my own wrong choices”

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