Mark Pilgrim shared some positive news with his followers amid his constant struggle for health: his cancerous tumors are shrinking!

The veteran of the radio reported about it in his social media accounts.


Earlier this year, Mark Pilgrim was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. In March, Mark began intensive chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Along with a photo in which he is receiving another course of treatment, he shared: “The results of the scan obtained this morning show a significant reduction in all tumors in my lungs, spine, leg and lymph nodes.”

In 1988, at the age of 18, Mark Pilgrim was diagnosed with stage III aggressive testicular cancer. Twenty years later, DJ Hot 102.7 FM suffered a heart attack in the doctor’s office, causing him irreversible damage.

On Twitter in 2019, he said, “I’m alive today because I had it in the doctor’s office. I still have 10% of my heart not beating ”.

But despite past health issues, Mark had more good news to note. Earlier this week during a visit to cardiologist Mark Pilgrim showed that his heart was in perfect working order.

He shared a separate post: “14 years ago I lost heart function by 10%, but the ECG and echo sounder show that the remaining 90% are still working fantastically. It’s about appreciating small victories. They deserve a holiday. “

Adopting positive thinking

Despite a poor health outlook earlier this year, Mark Pilgrim is confident he will be able to beat cancer again with a positive attitude.

This includes his mantra of “visualizing healing”.

In his letter, he added: “Since the diagnosis in late February, I have worked so hard every day to get my body back in balance, with the determination that I will still be there to one day escort my girls down the aisle. This, together with the collective thoughts and prayers of many people, contributed to the news I received today. “

But while his health is gradually improving, his journey is far from over, says Mark Pilgrim.

He added: “There are still months of treatment ahead, a strict diet … and great willpower. Today is a good day. “

A father of two regularly shares motivational messages with his followers. Last week, he said, “I feel positive. There is a cure. Winning the chances … the return of harmony and balance.

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