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Lulu Sun’s Remarkable Wimbledon Journey Comes to a Close


Lulu Sun’s remarkable Wimbledon campaign concluded with a defeat against Donna Vekic in the quarterfinals on Tuesday. Despite a valiant effort, the 23-year-old from New Zealand fell short after an impressive run that included seven victories, including three in qualifying, inspiring tennis fans back home.

Sun displayed her trademark aggressive style in the first two sets, but ultimately couldn’t overcome Vekic, the world No. 37 from Croatia. Even when facing a 0-5 deficit in the match, Sun showed resilience, refusing to give up until the very end.

Although disappointed with the loss, Sun reflected positively on her experience, noting that the tournament has been transformative for her career. She earned enough ranking points to compete fully on the WTA Tour, marking a significant milestone.

Recalling the match, Sun acknowledged Vekic’s strong performance, particularly in the second and third sets where she struggled physically, experiencing cramps towards the end. Despite this setback, Sun praised Vekic’s play and acknowledged her opponent’s deserving victory.

Having played eight intense matches over the past 15 days, including grueling qualifiers, Sun admitted physical challenges during the match against Vekic, especially in the decisive third set.

Looking ahead, Sun plans to focus on preparing for the Olympics, where she will compete in doubles alongside Erin Routliffe. She expressed excitement about the upcoming opportunity, despite withdrawing from an upcoming tournament in Hungary to prioritize her Olympic preparation.

Reflecting on her Wimbledon journey, Sun highlighted the lessons learned and expressed optimism about applying them in future tournaments.