Lucasraps went to their social networks to appeal to his beef from A-Reece.

This was announced by the star in the questions and answers section on Instagram.

After A-Rice’s statements that he is Africa’s best rapper, Lucasraps noticed and responded to him with Soundcloud titled “Africa’s Best Rapper”.

His reaction sparked so much speculation on social media that it led people to think they might be eating beef.

During Lucasraps ’questions and answers in Instagram stories one of his followers asked Muse without me about why he and A-Rhys are holding their heads. “Why are you playing with Rice?” Reads the question.

Responding to this, Lucasraps clarifies that he and A-Rice do not play, and he admitted that hitmaker Paradise makes good music. “Actually, I’m not like that, a friend makes dope music.” Lucasraps replied.

See the post below:

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