Musician, influential person on social media and reality star Londive Sifivokule Zulu, commonly known as Londie London, has announced that she is pregnant in the first part Durban Real Housewives (RHOD) a meeting that aired on Showmax today (May 6).


Londy London said she is expecting her second child in the first part GENDER Reunion of the second season. The musician announced the birth of her first child Uminati Nkosi on February 27, 2021. Now she has child number two.

“The girl is baking,” she says, rocking her baby’s breast in a stunning green dress.

Londy Londy said she was pregnant during the show, but none of the ladies noticed.

“Yes, the girl was hell – during trips, during shows, but none of you noticed,” she said.

Nonka Williams then asked how far she was. She did not name the exact month, but she indicated she should be in a few weeks.

“How far?” Nonka asked.

“I’m far away, I’m black, I’m not saying the exact month, but it’s like I’m going to give birth in a few weeks,” she said.

She then shared pictures of herself with her beautiful baby breast on Instagram.

“God’s promises are like the stars; the darker the night, the brighter they glow. His time is great №2, ”the signature reads.

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Twitter users congratulated the influencer on her pregnancy. Look…

“Pregnant Londi Londi at #RHODurban looks stunning for the meeting. Congratulations to her 🎉👌🏾, ”he wrote on Twitter @ mis66437000.

Others found it “ridiculous” that she became pregnant in anticipation of the umbeso, a gift-giving ceremony.

“It’s Londi who got pregnant in anticipation of umbebezo,” she tweeted @ Nana21807260.

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