Eskom will begin load shedding on THURSDAY morning in some areas of the country between 05:00 and 09:00.

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Eskom said it was implementing load shedding to avoid grid congestion in high-density areas.

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Note that load reduction will be carried out from 05:00 to 09:00.

“During the implementation of load shedding, customers are advised to turn off all their electrical appliances to avoid possible damage from power surges when power is restored.

“Failure to do so could cause the transformer to trip or break down and damage household appliances when power is restored.”


He also warned that phase 2 load shedding could be implemented as soon as this week.

“Although the load shedding has been suspended, Eskom is warning the public that the generation system remains constrained and stage 2 of the load shedding may be implemented this evening and during evening peaks.”



Here are the areas that will be affected:

  • Limpopo
  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • A free state
  • Northwest
  • Mpumalanga
  • Gauteng

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DOWNLOAD REDUCTIONS implemented on THURSDAY morning - you can find your schedule here


DOWNLOAD REDUCTIONS implemented on THURSDAY morning - you can find your schedule here
North West Photo: Eskom


DOWNLOAD REDUCTIONS implemented on THURSDAY morning - you can find your schedule here
Photo of Limpopo: Eskom
DOWNLOAD REDUCTIONS implemented on THURSDAY morning - you can find your schedule here


Free State:


Load shedding = Eskom does not have enough capacity to generate electricity.

Load shedding = shut down localized areas where illegal connections cause congestion and damage infrastructure.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged South Africans to invest in rooftop solar panels with NEW rules and a pricing structure.

Ramaphosa Urges South Africans TO GET ROOFTOP SOLAR

President Cyril Ramaphosa said they intend to allow businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar panels to generate electricity.

He said that South Africa has a great wealth of sun that should be used to generate electricity.

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“There is significant potential for households and businesses to install solar panels on their roofs and connect this energy to the grid.

“To encourage wider uptake of rooftop solar, Eskom will develop rules and a pricing structure, known as a feed-in tariff, for all commercial and residential installations on its network.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa

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Eskom, meanwhile, said it was considering a shutdown Tshwane City Municipality which includes the capital, Pretoria, as one of the necessary steps to secure the outstanding payment. City of Tshwane

According to Eskom, the City of Tshwane is in breach of the Electricity Supply Agreement it entered into with the electricity supplier by failing to pay R1.6 billion due on August 17, 2022.

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