Police Commissioner Limpopo has expressed concern over the escalation of smuggling of vehicles and illegal cigarettes from the South African or Zimbabwean side.

On Friday, Lieutenant General Tambi Hadebe took part in an operation to prevent offenses on the N1 road between Musina and the Bate Bridge border post.

She claims that the operation is aimed at reducing the smuggling of goods.

A crime prevention campaign was conducted by police and other law enforcement agencies in and around Musin and the vicinity of the Bate Bridge border post. This is due to the increase in smuggling of stolen goods, including vehicles, from the South African side to the Zimbabwean side.

Earlier this month, a vehicle worth about 3 million rupees was seized during smuggling in Zimbabwe. Limpapo Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Tambi Hadebe, says they want to stop the illegal activities.

“These checkpoints are aimed at stopping the illegal crossing that takes place from us to Winter and from Winter to us. There is the illegal crossing of all stolen vehicles crossing the river, and there is a lot of illegal cigarette traffic on this particular road. A 3 million Mercedes Benz was confiscated while trying to cross the border. “

Some motorists have expressed mixed reactions to the law enforcement prevention operation at the Beth Bridge border checkpoint in and around Musin.

“I think it needs to be about more often and it needs to be done often to stop a lot of crime and a lot of problems in our society. I feel pain because we can’t work well, I came here because my driver was arrested only on my passport. The police prevent anything that could happen. “

Some taxi drivers say the search operation at checkpoints is affecting their business. Eric Ndadza says that every time there is crime prevention, the number of passengers decreases, as most of them are undocumented foreigners.

“This operation is having a big impact on us because we can’t go to Joburg if the police have arrived at a taxi stand that our customers are fleeing to to go to the place and hide in the bushes.”

More than 100 people were arrested during search operations for various offenses, including fraud. -Additional report by Pimani Baloi

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