Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Universal Vocational Training Center (VVTC), Lewis Tee Togba, said the Liberian government must support and empower young Liberians through vocational training.

Togba made the announcement after the 3rd and 5th graduation ceremonies held at Miracle Praise Ministries at Thinker Village behind Suriya Beach on September 10, 2022.

According to him, the goal and intention of the Universal Vocational Training Center (VVTC) is to empower more Liberians to work with their hands.

He mentioned that the vision of VVTC is to empower single mothers and challenge the youth, some of whom are Zogis today.

“We want to empower more young Liberians who find it very difficult to get into various universities,” he noted.

He noted: “Even university graduates who are looking for additional professional skills in their lives can use this opportunity to prepare for a better future.”

He went on to say that higher education is fundamental in everyone’s life, but if you need additional skills as an individual, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

“They say a dry dog ​​is sweet, but what are you going to eat until the dog is dry,” he noted.

He mentioned that as the National President of the Institute of Science and Tibi in Liberia, I think the government of Liberia for their level of development and the initiative they have taken to bring back at-risk youth (zogos) from the streets.

He went on to say that most of these young people are struggling to get the necessary education they wanted.

According to Togbo, at the same time, the Universal Vocational Training Center has created a free future training circle for those young Liberians who cannot afford to pursue higher education.


The Universal Vocational Training Center (VVTC) and Lewis Togba School of Journalism and Media Services was incorporated under Liberian law on May 23, 2018 by veteran Liberian journalist and media professional Mr. Lewis T. Togba Sr. as Founder and Chairman of the Board , together with his son Mr. G. Tinisi Togba and others who chose a different path.

Mr. Lewis T. Togba Sr. and Tinisi Togba decided to enter the difficult and complex human development potential of Liberia to provide livelihoods for the youth, single mothers and homeless children, as well as youth who find it difficult to get into university.