Faced with many challenges in the resumption of the school year due to the lack of most of the teaching materials needed for the smooth operation of the classroom, the principal and teachers of Education District Number Two, Saklepi-Mah Statutory District, Nimba County, together with some parents, held a series of new workshops , to prepare for schools to reopen across the country.

The sessions were planned to be held in key satellite cities such as Kpain, Phlumpa and Duo, in the administrative kingdoms of Laos, Gbanna and Zan respectively.

The initiator of this work, Mr. Lee W. Dunn, employee of the second educational district of Nimba, said that the sessions were to start with the transfer of important information about this academic year, after which the teachers rehearsed the code of professional conduct of people before the beginning of the ethics lessons.

Lesson planning, classroom management, teaching styles and techniques were part of the presentations.

“We need them to be fit to teach our children,” Mr. Dunn said of the teachers.

“To remind our teachers of some of the things they learned in the old days, we decided to rehearse them,” he said as he posed for photos with workshop participants in front of the audience at William vs. Tubman High School in the historically significant town of Kpain in Laos.

Participants braved bad weather and roads to attend the sessions, which they found to be effective and very rewarding.