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Prime Minister Dr. Moeketi Mayoro says that given the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations over the past few months, the Cabinet has decided to move the country from the blue color code stage to the green color code stage.

Dr Mayora made the announcement in a nationally televised address on Monday.

Moving to the color stage of the green code, the Prime Minister said that measures to identify and reduce social risks allow schools, churches, the entertainment industry in initiation schools, political gatherings, social and family gatherings and weddings to operate fully without the restrictions of COVID-19. adding that all sporting events are allowed with spectators.

Moreover, he said international travel is allowed, noting that as of midnight Monday, vaccination against COVID-19 is not mandatory, but said people can choose to be vaccinated.

He further advised the nation to consider holding funerals in the morning, saying such services could be completed within 3 hours, thus not later than 10:00am.

Dr Magjarra said that under measures to identify and reduce economic risks, textile (labour-intensive) and other manufacturing industries, public transport, mining and massive construction projects, as well as health services, among others, can operate at full capacity. to him

Lesotho has been in the Blue Code Color Stage for several months with limited services, and now in the Green Code Color Stage, all restrictions due to COVID-19 have been lifted.

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