It is reported that the person on social networks Lasive Dambuz is killing this year his alter ego Nomatriquency with a mini-documentary series.


Lasizwe is going to kill its alter ego Nomatriquency after three years of entertaining its 758,000 followers. Nomatriquency is a female character that Lasive plays on her YouTube channel. A few years ago he started shooting videos dedicated to the character.

He also gave a concert with Stears for the Nomatriquency character, but, according to the Daily Sun, he would not kill her. The person on social media said he would kill Nomatriquency through a mini-documentary series, but he remained silent in detail.

“Nomatriquency is dying this year. I will kill her. A mini-documentary series is coming out. It’s about her. I can’t say much, but we are killing her this year, ”he told the newspaper.

Lasizwe gained popularity last year when he released his reality show “Share or Tell the Truth” on his YouTube channel. He invited celebrities to his show and asked them some hot questions. They had to either answer or drink the broth from what the production team had gathered. The show was in trend after each broadcast.

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Lasizwe is great for the family. Unfortunately, both his parents died. His mother Lindive Dambuza died in 2016, and his father, taxi boss Menzi Mkunu, died in September 2020.

Lasizwe and popular actress Haniya Mbau have one dad. So they are half-brothers and sisters. The person on social media posted a sweet tribute to his late mother on Mother’s Day this year. Look…

“Days like these newly opened wounds that you tried to heal and made you remember that you no longer have a mother on earth,” he wrote.

“To all who have lost their mother, this post is for you. I know your pain … and it’s okay, we’re all in this together. Sisonka! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I miss you, ”he continued.

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