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  • The death toll a month after the flood in KZN is 448 people, another 88 are missing.
  • In an update Thursday, Prime Minister Sila Zikalala told the media that 6,895 homeless people are also in 91 shelters.
  • Zikalala said the 1 billion rupees promised by the national government would be received through various services and would be controlled by the National Treasury.

The death toll from the floods in KwaZulu-Natal is 448, with another 88 missing more than a month after the disaster, Prime Minister Sile Ziklalala said on Thursday.

Zicalala said the final baseline report confirmed figures that include 6,895 homeless and 50 injured.

He added that 27,069 houses were affected, of which 8,584 were completely destroyed.

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“All the homeless are now in 91 shelters, all will be provided with homes.”

The cost of damage to public infrastructure from the floods is officially estimated at 25 billion rupees, with losses mainly from roads, railways and bridges, housing, water supply, sewerage, electricity, agriculture and manufacturing.

“We still do not have a water supply system in areas like Tongaat, because they were severely damaged by floods,” said the prime minister.

Zikalala said the provincial government is working hard to relocate those in shelters to temporary housing units.

“Yes, they will get ladies [the] form of temporary living space[s]. It is good quality and warranty for three to five years. They will be included in a future housing project so that they get permanent housing. ”

Funding in billions of rands

Referring to funding of 1 billion rupees from the national government, Zikalala said it would come in the form of grants and services.

“Rs 1 billion comes in the form of separate grants in the form of humanitarian support, emergency services such as water supply and others. It is based on applications made by municipalities and provincial departments.

He said:

We need to consolidate a comprehensive budget based on the damage done and pass it on to the national disaster management – they will pass it on to the Ministry of Finance and discuss it at the national level.

He said the province is still trying to find funds to direct them to those in need.

“We are trying to find other means, but we want this money to go directly to those who need it. For example, the gaming industry in KZN came to donate. We said do not give us money, go and repair schools.

“So now the education department will say it’s … schools, and then direct the gaming industry to repair those schools.”

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