The federation of trade unions Cosatu accused the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nati Mtetva for ignoring the poor people of South Africa, spending 22 million rupees on the flag, and called for his dismissal.

Kosatu said Mtetwa was the worst minister in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet.

The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture plans to erect a 120-meter flag on the heritage site of Freedom Park in Pretoria as a symbol of unity and democracy.

The installation of the flag will cost 17 million rupees, and geotechnical research – another 5 million.

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In a conversation with 702 Kosat representative Sizwe Palma said that spending millions on the flag is outrageous.

“We find everything funny, to be honest. We are talking about a country that is struggling. People sleep under bridges, people go to bed hungry. Plus or minus 16 million South Africans are fighting for three meals a day and hear that so much money is being spent and no one has ever encountered this flag, we have enough tourist attractions in this country ”.

Palma said the National Treasury should know that if the flag is set up, they will also be responsible.

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Despite the outrage, Mtetwa defended the department’s plans to spend 22 million rupees on the national monumental flag project.

Presenting her budget during a mini-plenary vote in parliament, Mtetwa responded to the accusation of Freedom Front Plus (FF +) MP Eloise Denner that the department was setting its priorities incorrectly.

“Denner wants to trivialize the flag. No, it is the mandate of the department, among other things, to create monuments, and this flag is a monument of democracy in this country, and we do not allow it, ”Mtetva said.

Mtetwa also substantiated his case for the overly priced flag, citing the AfriForum lawsuit related to the apartheid-era flag.

AfriForum seeks to overturn the 2019 ruling of the Equality Court, which declared a “free demonstration” of the flag in public and private places in a language of hostility.

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