King Charles III was caught on camera fanning a leaky pen at a signing ceremony at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland on Tuesday (September 13).


A video of King Charles III’s reaction to a leaking pen has gone viral on Twitter. CBS News shared video of the king at a signing ceremony at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland on Tuesday, September 13, where he is seen with a flowing pen.

“God, I hate this,” he said, looking down at his inked fingers.

King Charles vents over a leaky handle. Images via screenshot from Twitter @cbsnews.

The king awoke from the table when his wife Camilla picked up a pen.

“Oh look, it’s everywhere,” she said.

King Charles III and Camilla then tried to clean the ink from their fingers.

“I can’t stand the bloody thing! What they do stinks every time,” he said.

Queen Consort Camilla used a new pen to sign the book while the King left the room.

In total, the video was viewed 15.2 million times. look…

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Twitter users weighed in, with some saying the king’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, would never have behaved like that.

“I manage to use the wrong handle quite often without going into a little tantrum that requires a few of my little staff to manage,” wrote @DistantWindow.

“The Queen would never behave like that. Even if she was a young woman suddenly called to lead after the equally sudden loss of her father,” @DodgeRambl3r wrote.

While others defended the king.

“Give him a break. He is 73 years old, how much sleep do you think he has had and how much traveling he has done in the last few days? How does he mourn his mother? “Even royalty.” His mother passed away just a few days ago,” wrote @brigantia__.

“Imagine your mother dies and instead of grieving, you have to fill out several mortgage applications, get a visit from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), attend appointments with your MD, all while filming. It’s probably a similar feeling to what Charles is going through,” wrote @CanDisagree.

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