Embu, an underprivileged eighth-grader candidate from Embu who reportedly formed one at Kangaroo High School for boys, carrying a rooster instead of school fees, has finally received help from well-wishers.

15-year-old Lawrence Murimi, who scored 313 points at Embu County Elementary School and scored 313 points in Embu City and managed to enroll in Kangaroo, did not report as scheduled for May 4, due to lack of school fees.

A young boy from a single mother’s family decided to use a rooster given to him by his aunt during circumcision to guarantee admission instead of giving up his dream of becoming a lawyer due to lack of funds.

“He woke up yesterday and told me he couldn’t stay home while other students continued their studies, and said he was using the only valuable thing in their home, the rooster, to join his chosen school,” his mother Pauline said. A tormentor who earns a living doing menial work.

Dressed in their former school uniforms, Murimi and his mother walked about three kilometers from their residence on the Magjenga estate to the school, carrying a rooster and a small bag, only with a toothbrush and a shoe brush.

Rooster, according to the boy, was going to enter the school fees with the promise that they will calculate the balance when the funds appear.

However, they were denied the fact that they did not report at least his personal belongings so that he could start his studies in peace.

“We were told that he could not be allowed to start classes because he had nothing but uniforms and personal belongings,” his mother told a news briefing near a school among Serbs.