Justice Department Halts Electronic Child Maintenance Payments Amid Security Breach Concerns

The Department of Justice has temporarily halted electronic child maintenance payments due to security concerns arising from attempted hacking incidents. According to department spokesperson Kgalalelo Masibi, the suspension affects the electronic payment system for various third-party funds, including child maintenance.

Masibi emphasized that the decision to suspend the electronic payment system follows detected attempts to compromise its integrity. An ongoing investigation is underway to assess the extent of potential breaches. In the interim, beneficiaries are advised to seek financial assistance at their local courts.

“In light of this development, child maintenance beneficiaries are encouraged to promptly visit their nearest court with their original identity documents to receive manual payments until the electronic service is fully restored,” Masibi stated.

The Department of Justice has mobilized a forensic team to scrutinize any suspicious activities and reinforce system security measures to thwart future breaches. Masibi expressed the department’s regret for any inconvenience caused to beneficiaries and extended appreciation for their patience and cooperation during this period of disruption.

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