As before, Jub Jub laughed off the controversy surrounding the reality show episode Uyajolla 9/9.

The Moja Love host was dragged through the mud after the high-profile episode on Sunday night.

In it, the audience accused the presenter, and the film crew was accused of crossing several boundaries. They also called for the “cancellation” of the show and the entertainer.

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on sunday evening Uyajolla 9/9 and host Jub Jub tackled its most explosive episode yet – the love triangle between married man Brendan, his wife Dominique and his pregnant girlfriend Sherana.

In the show, viewers saw how the camera crew and the presenter broke into the bedroom of a man and his lover, who were found naked in bed.

Doing his best to add to the shock of the show, Jub Jub quickly removed the blankets and bedclothes covering the disgraced duo, leaving them naked and exposed for millions of South African viewers.

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He also bombarded them with questions and wouldn’t let them go out or get dressed until he seemed to be satisfied that he had collected enough controversial content.

Jub Jub and Uyajola cameramen were also seen invading the private space of a pregnant nude woman who was using her long hair to hide her modesty.

“Sharana, why are you sleeping with someone’s husband? Do you know what you’re eating?” he asked the visibly confused woman

Taking to Instagram amid the criticism, Jub Jub poked fun at how he handled the situation. This included calling Sharona every name but her own.

He shared in a post on Instagram: “Rose, Rosie, Rhona, Sharon… engaged [I don’t know]”.

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Clearly, Jab Jab likes to stir up drama Uyajolla 9/9, at the expense of helpless people. Here’s what Twitter users are saying about the controversial figure…

@KoketsoMaponya8: “Jub Jub is disgusting and his entire camera crew, this show has turned into embarrassing naked people, it has a disgusting script and it’s disgusting”

@FreeMin77551916: “Jub Jub thinks he owns the people he caught cheating. Disrespect is disgusting”

@ncgwele: “This is persecution! Why are they shown naked? No, Jub Jub should be cancelled”

@Tumie31237231: “I am very disappointed with Jub Jub. It is obvious that he is only interested in the content. NO WOMAN wants to be photographed naked with a room full of men”


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