J’Something announces a 9-track mixtape titled Indoor.

The singer started working on the project during adjustment, when he was struggling with anxiety.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, J opened up about the mixtape and what caused the anxiety.

“I am VERY proud to present INDOOR to you. At the beginning of the adjustment, I started working on music as a way to deal with the anxiety that arose after an ad in a major newspaper claimed that “entertainment is the most irrelevant thing.” As someone who believes in the power of music and its ability to uplift and bring joy like no other, this statement broke my spirit,” he wrote.

Speaking about the creation of the project, he wrote:

“At the time, I didn’t have the opportunity to write my own music, so I decided to spend time with some songs/artists that inspire me. The result… Indoor, a 9-track mixtape of covers created and recorded while locked in my home studio, indoors.’

J’Something has also announced a music tour where he will perform some songs from the mixtape.

“Every song and every artist in this project has had a huge impact on me, and I’m going on a 3-city tour of South Africa for a one-off musical theater experience where I’ll be performing these songs and sharing my experiences as an artist during the lockdown.”

Check out more tour details below:

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