PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snower has made several complaints about how his indispensable tool once demoted him in office. The register reports: Microsoft Technical Officer discussed a twitter incident over the weekend that began when controversial investor Peter Till discussed the value of courage. “Courage is a key characteristic of future managers and previous employees.” Snover joked in response to Till’s reasoning. He also argued that “many people focus on getting their boss to pat them on the head, not solve problems.” Snower said a friend, Kevin Keane, who served as director of the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) in the mid-2000s, urged him not to disclose PowerShell because it could be rejected.

This isn’t the first time Snover has revealed his demotion, but he hasn’t discussed his deep embarrassment before – or the fact that he kept it a secret from everyone but his wife. “I never mentioned it to anyone for more than ten years until I was promoted to Honored Engineer,” Snower, who received the award in March 2009, tweeted. Snover then contrasted Microsoft’s policy toward company-related projects with Google’s known 20 percent rule.

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