AAs has become common practice for major acts, the Black Hole debut dropped so suddenly on Sunday that it might as well have landed from outer space. Which, uh, actually happened. NASA’s recording of booming sound waves from the Perseus galaxy cluster, 200 meters light-years away, at first sounds like a lot of underwater cries – or even whales – but, like many classic recordings, it takes time to reveal its true meaning. complexity and depth. The 34-second recording is a mantra-like loop or loop, suggesting influences from 1970s German Krautrock bands Neu! and Can, and their gospel of repetition in music.

These sounds – strange, eerie, unsettling, yet strangely soothing and balm-like – have drawn comparisons to Bj√∂rk, but they’ll also be familiar to anyone familiar with Brian Eno’s 1983 ambient colossus Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks , which clearly , touched the sound in the outer limit. Surprisingly, NASA’s recording bears no resemblance to Muse’s 2006 epic “Supermassive Black Hole”, a song that has long been an authority on these things but now suddenly sounds like the work of a three-piece funk-rock band from Teignmouth rather than the prophets space-time continuum. One Twitter user compared the actual Black Hole to Pink Floyd’s spacious 1971 masterpiece Echoes, but conceptually it’s perhaps more in the spirit of their 1968 psychedelic opus A Saucerful of Secrets. After all, what is a black hole if not a cavernous deep space in which all kinds of secrets and inner meanings are hidden?

What it all means Another social media user compares it to Wailing Souls in a trap and it’s not Wailing Souls, a Jamaican reggae band. Science fiction author John Scalzi seems to think it’s a timely sonic blast about the human condition, time and all. “The world is moaning, and not in a hot and sexy way” he wrote on Twitter. Scalzi has already done his part The remix version is 2 minutes 44 seconds long, which he describes as “properly spacey and dark (with a beat you can dance to).” And you really can.

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