The South African Meteorological Service (SAWS) is expecting isolated showers and rain in the southeastern part of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province on Friday as the province prepares to host thousands of marathon runners.

Comrades Marathon 2022 is planned to be held in KZN on Sunday.

According to the weather service, there is a chance of morning fog at the start of the race, otherwise it will be partly cloudy, becoming cloudy towards the coast in the late afternoon.

Winds are expected to be light northwesterly at first, becoming moderate east-northeasterly from the Kato Range by 10am. Cold temperatures are expected in the early morning, warming to 21 degrees Celsius by mid-morning.

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Weather forecast for Friday

Gauteng: Good and warm weather. Expected UVB sunburn index: Extreme.

Mpumalanga: Fine and cool, but warm in the Lowveld with partly cloudy skies late in the day.

Limpopo: Good and warm weather.

Northwest: Good warm weather, partly cloudy in the central and eastern regions.

Free State: Cool to warm, partly cloudy except in the extreme west.

Northern Cape: Cloudy with patches of fog along the coast in the morning, otherwise fine and cool to warm but cool in the west where it will be partly cloudy and cold. The wind on the coast will be south-easterly, moderate to fresh.

Western Cape: Cloudy, cool with cool weather, partly cloudy in the east in the afternoon. The wind along the north-west coast is moderate to fresh, from the south-west coast the wind increases late. Expected UVB sunburn index: Moderate.

Western half of the Eastern Cape Province: Partly cloudy, cool weather, clearing from the north. The wind along the coast is weak to moderate westerly, during the day it changes to the south-west, in the afternoon to the east – easterly.

Eastern half of the Eastern Cape: Fine and warm in the far north, otherwise partly cloudy and cool, but cloudy along the coast and in adjacent areas with scattered showers and rain expected. The wind along the coast will be a weak westerly, in the late morning it will change to a weak easterly, and by the evening – northeasterly.

KwaZulu-Natal: It is cloudy in the southeast, short-term rains are expected in some places, partly cloudy in the north, cold, but warm. The wind on the coast will be fresh to strong from the northeast, changing from the south to the southwest in the afternoon. Expected UVB sunburn index: High.

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