Jürgen Klopp and the entire Liverpool team before a series of penalties in the FA Cup. (Twitter: @GeirJordet)

A detailed topic on Twitter that runs through the rounds demonstrates how Jurgen Klopp’s psychological approach ensured that Liverpool beat Chelsea in a penalty shootout in the FA Cup final.

After 120 minutes at Wembley on Saturday, Liverpool and Chelsea reached their second consecutive Cup final, which had to settle it with point kicks.

After winning the Carabao Cup earlier this year, Liverpool already have silverware in their cabinets this season, beating the Blues 11-10 in the penalty shootout.

The bug again turned on its magic on Saturday when Liverpool added their second trophy in an effort to finish the four.

Football psychology researcher Geir Jordet explained that before the first penalty on Saturday, he believed that Klopp and Liverpool already had an advantage over Chelsea and their manager Thomas Tuchel.

He said on Twitter: Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties in the FA Cup final. The penalty shootout is a psychological game that begins with the coach talking to his players after the final whistle. chronologically.

Speaking to reporters after the match, Klopp revealed that he worked with the company to help the club in a penalty shootout.

“After all, we all know that a penalty shootout is a lottery, that’s right, but we did it again,” Klopp said.

“We work together with Neuro11, four guys from Germany. They contacted us a few years ago. They are neurologists and said we can train penalties.

“We said,‘ Right? It sounds interesting, come on. “And so this trophy is for them, like the Carabao Cup.”

Jordet went on to say that Klopp’s intimate conversation with each penalty taker was essential.

“About 60 seconds after the final whistle, Klopp has already made his choice and approaches each penalty taker to tell / ask him which shot to take. the inquiry process is intimate, safe and loving. “ he said.

“At 1.30 Klopp finished his rounds, the team was going to a party, and he gave a short but passionate speech. At 1.45 he finished and the team broke up the party. At 1.50, Tuhel was still reviewing his notes and finally made his way to the party. ».

Jorde then reveals that Tuchel’s decision to rob the penalty takers around the whole team had unpleasant results.

Tuhel spent the first 1-2 minutes seemingly reconsidering his choice, and (probably out of the corner of his eye) sees that Liverpool have already finished the clash even before Chelsea even started it. He then moves to the middle of the circle before he executes with a plan “ he continued.

“Entering the circle of players before you finish the selection is what happened to Gareth Southgate in the Euro 2021 final: you are late, not ready, you have become active, and what could have been a smooth last reminder for the team is becoming chaotic. , hurried and stressed.

“During the meeting, Tuchel asks the players about the strikes, publicly in front of the whole team. If this is done in this way, there is a lot of pressure on the group, the chances of honest responses of players fall, and it creates additional stress that continues.

Bug’s ability to speed up the process of bringing everything down allowed the manager to have a laugh or two with some of his players and staff.

“While Tuhel is still in the process of selecting and interviewing his players, Klopp has finished all his administrative duties and is wasting his time spreading warmth, love and good energy, even finding a moment to laugh with van Dyck.

“Since Liverpool finished their meeting early, they are the first to enter the middle of the circle and choose a position. They choose the side closest to their bench, which allows staff to give further instructions during the shootout and keeps close to the manager’s warmth.

Jordet concludes that Liverpool’s Klopp team was not “born” but “created” through the extra work involved in preparing the team for stressful moments.

“Monsters of Jurgen Klopp’s mentality are not born, they are made. Initiative training, restrained execution and warm / loving communication, as a rule, give the best basis for performance under extreme pressure. Liverpool lost 1-0 before the series.” he said.

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