In addition to being a finalist in the highly coveted “Consultant of the Year in Africa” category, Clockwork is thrilled with the latest SABER Awards: Africa and EMEA announcements, some of which have led to victories and other results yet to be shown in live broadcast. May 27.

Proving that responsible social media speaks volumes, the free anti-GNP campaign has become a trump card for marketing-related causes in Africa. Green Door, #RewriteOurProverbs was also named a finalist in two of the most prestigious categories: Geographic Africa for EMEA and Platinum Best in Show for Africa. The #RewriteOurProverbs campaign, rewriting traditional toxic sayings that humiliate women, in five official South African languages ​​has led to awareness of the GN pandemic, while helping the Green Door Women’s Shelter raise funds and aid. The three-tier OOH, influential and PR campaign #RewriteOurProverbs has embraced the mass market media with a strong message that develops opportunities and delivers impressive results.

Some of Clockwork’s other regular customers, LG Electronics, Herbalife Nutrition and tech giant Meta, were honored for their outstanding performance at the company in 2021.

The list of Clockwork at the SABER Awards EMEA and Africa 2022 is as follows:

Sabers EMEA finalist

  • Clockwork is the African Consultant of the Year
  • Green Door, #RewriteourPriverbs – Geagraphic Africa

    Winner of Sabers Africa

  • Green Door, #RewriteourPriverbs – Practical Areas: Marketing Related Causes

    Certificate of Excellence

  • Green Door, #RewriteourPriverbs – Geagraphic Africa
  • LG Electronics, LG Cares – Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Meta, #Changemakers – Comprehensive Company
  • Herbalife Nutrition – Media Relations


  • Green Door, #RewriteourPriverbs – Platinum Best in Show
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