India is promoting its new cybersecurity rules, which will require cloud service providers and VPN operators to keep their customers ’names and IP addresses, and invites firms that do not want to comply with them to exit the world’s second-largest Internet market. From the report: The Indian Computer Rapid Response Team clarified (PDF) on Wednesday that “Virtual Private Server Providers (VPS), cloud service providers, VPN service providers, virtual asset service providers, virtual asset exchange providers, purse wallet providers and custodian organizations” and follow a directive called Cyber ​​Security Directions, which requires them to keep customer names, email addresses, IP addresses, know your customer records, financial transactions for five years. The new rules, which were published late last month and will take effect in late June, will not apply to corporate and corporate VPNs, the government said. Several VPN providers have expressed concern about India’s new cybersecurity rules. NordVPN, one of the most popular VPN operators, said earlier that it could remove its services from India if “there are no other options left”. Rajiv Chandrasekar, India’s junior IT minister, said VPN providers who want to hide who uses their services “will have to give up”.

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