Busy Radebe says she received death threats from Rebecca Malop’s supporters after an alleged quarrel between the legend and her husband Tapelle Toboke, who is also her manager.

Speaking yesterday at a press conference at the Apollo Hotel in Randburg, Bussey expressed her side of the story and made allegations that she was being abused by her husband.

The singer spoke about the threats and apologized to Rebecca, despite the fact that she did not witness the quarrel when she was on stage.

“Someone sent me a message calling me Satan. I am called the devil, and it hurts me, ”she said. For all the drama that has taken place, I feel sorry, Sister Rybs! ”

“I drive a personal car. I received threats from people who said they would kill me. This is wrong. I didn’t do anything, I don’t know why I am being punished, ”she said.

The beginning of the saga was that Tapella was accused of telling Dr. Rebecca Malope to fuck her at an event held in Sun City on April 30th.

Rebecca was embarrassed by the incident, which she revealed on Twitter that she had suffered.

The manager explained what happened that day a week ago, and gently asked Rebecca, but claimed that behind the scenes he did not raise his voice or abuse her.

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