Award-winning musician Bulelva “Zahara” Mkutukana is recovering from the painful loss she suffered in 2021 when her sister died in an accident.

The Lolive hitmaker, who has endured many challenges in the past two years, will also finally let her fans into her life and the home they helped her save earlier this year from returning, according to Drum Magazine.

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Namonda, who was Zachary’s older sister, sadly died on 5 March 2021 in a crash on the N2 in East London. Nomond was returning from work when she was run over by a taxi on the side of the N2 while her car was being checked for a fault.

“This is the first time I can talk about my sister’s death. I denied her death for a very long time. So long,” says Zakhara.

“Before, I could not talk about the death of my late sister. I would feel cold when her name came up because I was in denial and still am in denial. I didn’t stay long even at her funeral. I went to the doctor and he gave me something to numb me. I didn’t cry and for the first time I was able to cry for my sister and talk about her,” she continues.


Earlier this year, Zahara was dealt a major blow when her home was broken into and her South African Music Awards (Samas) were stolen.

Shortly after, she hit the headlines in May when City Press reported that the singer had lost her townhouse in Roodeport after failing to pay R17,665,40 in monthly payments.

After reaching out to Mzansi for help, her house was saved in July Mgodi the singer expressed gratitude.

“All the 50, 100 and 1,000 rand notes I got helped me,” she said at the time.

With all that behind her, she says she “feels renewed.”

“I’m in a good place. I have cut out a lot of toxic energies and people who are not right for me.

“I’m grateful to everyone who prayed for me and helped me save my home,” she tells Drama.

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Zahara also revealed that her reality show is being planned and filming will begin soon.

“We are in the final stages of planning the reality show and will start filming next week,” she says.

The singer showed that she is finally ready to let people into her life and tell her story in her own way.

“People think they know me, but they don’t really know me. I want to show people my spiritual side, my family, my close friend and who I’m dating. I know that people love Zakhara, and I want even the mother in the village, whom I healed with my music, to see how I live and how I think. It will be unscripted and show who I really am. I’m all about inspiring people and healing,” she explains.

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