Babalo Ndvayana, a Stellenbosch University a student whose belongings urinated other students urged the university to expel the offender.

This is after an incident in which a white student urinated on a black student’s books and laptop after breaking into his room at the Huis Mare residence early Sunday morning.

The white student allegedly claimed that his actions were “what they do with black boys”.

The student has since been dismissed as an investigation into the incident continues.

In an interview with Newzroom Afrika on Monday night, Ndwana called on the university to expel him.

“I really want him expelled, because the expulsion will be fair to everyone,” he said.

Ndwayana said he was still “handling the whole thing” and that he was “getting there”.

“I have to keep moving,” he said just a week before sitting for the exams.

Ndwayana said he was awakened by a noise on Sunday morning, and when he turned on the light, he realized that there was someone in his room.

“Then I asked what he was doing. I know him, he is a friend of my interlocutor, ”he told the news channel.

“I felt he had violated my rights to dignity and humanity.”

Although Ndwayana said he still used the same laptop he urinated on, Dr Chois Maheta, the university’s director of student affairs, said they were working to get him a new one.

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“It’s incredible and shocking. This is unacceptable and we need to make sure it is supported. As a university we condemn this incident. Sad because we expect young people to lead this university forward. Human dignity is out of the question. It needs to be protected, respected and restored. We need to work harder, ”Maheta said.

She said Ndwayana agreed to go for a consultation.

Maheta said the student was dismissed before the investigation, adding that she did not rule out expulsion.

“Because we respect the laws of South Africa, it is very important to conduct an investigation to bring together the university’s disciplinary committee and then [expulsion] this is not ruled out, but we must allow this process to take place. I think it should be excluded, but it should not end in expulsion. We need to make sure that when he returns to society, change will happen, and we also need to work with other student communities at the university because we don’t want similar incidents in the future. ”

Compiled by Vhahangwele Nemakonde

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