Drink plain water early in the day. If you start sweating harder, switch to drinks that contain electrolytes to replenish the ones you’ve sweated: Coconut Water, Smartwater, Gatorade, Powerade, etc. Electrolytes are minerals in your body, such as sodium and potassium, that have an electric charge, and your body needs them to function. If you sweat them, you have to replace them.

You can also buy electrolyte pills, for example NUUN Pills ($ 7), and dip one in a bottle of plain water. Fruit smoothies are my favorite when I get killed by the heat. Alternatively, you don’t need to immerse in water, try chewing gum SaltStick Fastchews ($ 3). Take something icy with a little coconut water, almond milk and solid fruits to give you energy and cool down from the inside. Keep drinking them throughout the day to stay hydrated – at least in small sips. And when the urine darkens, it’s time to increase your intake.

If you have a power outage or you are outdoors, take an insulated cooler and some ice to keep your drinks cold. This Igloo Laguna Ice Chest ($ 20) nothing wise, but it is a time-tested design that perfectly copes with its main task without unnecessary excesses: keeps drinks cold for a long time.

Contrary to popular advice, coffee and soda can be drunk. The amount of caffeine in them is low enough compared to the amount of water so they still moisturize you when you are dehydrated. Beer is also good if it is a session beer (about 3-4 percent alcohol by volume) and not high in alcohol. Just move around and don’t drink too much. Studies that emphasize the diuretic effects of beer, meaning that it makes you urinate, are usually tested with beer with a higher alcohol content (5 percent or more) and on subjects who are already well hydrated or hyperhydrated. Even then, the negative impact on your hydration would be almost negligible – unless you drink a lot of them or drink a fine beer with a high alcohol content, such as barley wine and tripel.

Strong spirits are not a good idea. The alcohol content is too high compared to the total fluid in the serving.

What to eat in the heat

Eating salty foods will help you retain water in your body.

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You can pee clean and still be dehydrated. Plain water on an empty stomach spreads throughout the body. The digestive system recognizes that there are no nutrients to digest from water, and without food to digest, which requires water, the body gives it the green light to pass through the body as quickly as it wants. It’s like a lane with a lot of vehicles for liquids. It doesn’t make drinking water useless – definitely keep sipping often as you absorb it. You just absorb more when there is food in your stomach that inhibits this flow of water, allowing your body to absorb more.

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