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How to Set Price Alerts for Amazon Prime Day


How to “Set Your Own Prices” on Amazon

While you can’t directly dictate prices on Amazon, you can set up an alert system to notify you when items you’re interested in drop to a price you’re willing to pay. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting your own price alerts for Amazon items:

Create a Wishlist: Add the items you’re interested in to your Amazon wishlist. Make sure your wishlist is set to “public.”

Use a Price-Tracking Tool: Sign up for a free account on a price-tracking website like CamelCamelCamel. Other options include Slick Deals, Honey, and Keepa. You can find an overview of these tools in our guide to the best price-tracking tools.

Import Your Wishlist: On CamelCamelCamel, click “import wishlist.” You’ll need to copy and paste the URL of your Amazon wishlist.

Set Price Alerts: Once your wishlist is imported, you can set specific maximum prices or percentage drops for each item. Enter the highest amount you’re willing to pay, and CamelCamelCamel will send you an email alert when the item’s price drops to your desired level.

Wait for Alerts: Ignore the Prime Day hype and wait for the email alert informing you that your selected items have reached your set price.

Enjoy Smart Shopping: Feel satisfied knowing you’ve made a smart purchase decision. Try to resist the temptation to browse Amazon for impulse buys.

Additional Tips for Controlling Your Spending

If you want to take extra steps to control your spending beyond price alerts, consider these strategies:

Block Ads: If you find online ads tempting, use an ad-blocking tool or app. Check out our guide to the best ad-blocking software.

Track Your Expenses: Keeping track of your spending, whether with a simple notebook or an app, can help you become more mindful and thrifty.

Save for Goals: Saving up for future purchases, like a vacation or a special item, can make it easier to resist impulse buys.

Pause Before Buying: Develop a habit of waiting a day or two before making a purchase. This can help you decide if you really need the item.

Seek Professional Help: If your spending habits are causing financial stress or you suspect you might have a compulsive buying disorder, consider talking to a professional for guidance and support.