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How can South Africa benefit from China’s success story? This was the focus of Consul General Pan Qingjiang’s address at the Johannesburg seminar


The recent seminar jointly organized by the African Bureau of the China Media Group and the University of Johannesburg was centered around the theme “China in Spring – Insights into Chinese-type modernization and new opportunities for Africa.” Held in Johannesburg, the seminar coincided with the conclusion of the “Two Sessions” or “Lianghui,” the significant annual plenary sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

During the event, attended by University of Johannesburg students, Consul-General of China in Johannesburg, Pan Qingjiang, delivered a keynote address emphasizing the far-reaching impact of China’s modernization efforts. He highlighted how China’s modernization has not only fostered prosperity domestically but has also spurred Africa’s economic recovery and fostered collaboration between China and Africa. Pan emphasized the importance of common development among nations for achieving global prosperity.

Pan further elaborated on initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative and the Global Development Initiative, emphasizing their role as platforms for mutual development and prosperity. He cited impressive statistics, such as the creation of thousands of cooperation projects and significant investment along the Belt and Road route, including in African countries.

Furthermore, Pan underscored the robust bilateral trade relations between China and Africa, highlighting the historic peak in China-Africa trade volume, which reached USD 282.1 billion in 2023. He noted China’s status as Africa’s top trading partner for 15 consecutive years and highlighted the significant investments Chinese enterprises have made in Africa, resulting in job creation and economic growth.

Moreover, Pan emphasized China’s commitment to promoting peace and stability in Africa and globally. He highlighted initiatives like the Global Security Initiative and China’s constructive engagement in resolving geopolitical conflicts, underscoring China’s role as a force for peace and justice.

Addressing the audience, Professor David Monyae, head of the School for Africa-China Relations at the University of Johannesburg, stressed the importance of a strong China for Africa’s development and emphasized the need for a peaceful global order conducive to development.

Renowned South African Sinologist, Professor Paul Tembe, provided insights into China’s foreign policy stance, emphasizing its commitment to peaceful coexistence, mutual development, and cooperative governance. He highlighted the significance of understanding China’s approach to international relations in navigating contemporary geopolitical challenges.

In conclusion, the seminar served as a platform for dialogue and reflection on China’s modernization journey and its implications for Africa’s development. It underscored the importance of collaboration between China and Africa in fostering mutual prosperity and contributing to global peace and stability.