Presidential Minister Mondli Gungubele says communication could be the key to healing psychological and physical scars after devastating floods in KwaZulu-Natal that damaged infrastructure and killed people.

This was stated by the Minister speaking on Tuesday at a mini-plenary session of the National Assembly on the budget of the government communication system and information system (CII).

“Bekhta in KwaZulu-Natal reminds us that effective dissemination of information based on interaction with communities and social partners is a key contribution to the healing of psychosocial and physical scars and the restoration of the depleted landscape,” he said.

“This time of difficulty also reminds us that effective communication is able to reveal the real power of our national Ubuntu treasure and open the hearts and pockets of South Africans who want to reach out to people in need.

“It is tragic that the floods of destruction in KwaZulu-Natal followed the waves of COVID-19 infections, which took many lives and livelihoods, but also contributed to sustainability, compliance and creativity in our country,” he said.

He said that during the visit of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of provinces and municipalities to the flood-affected communities in KwaZulu-Natal, those involved in rescue and rehabilitation activities were faced with questions that needed to be answered.

This included, among other things, questions about how people can access help and support services; where people could report missing; how affected family members could find out who was looking for their relatives; how they could find out if missing people had been found; who could help them with food or shelter; If the government will provide assistance with the funeral and if other schools will accept students from schools that have been damaged.

“These key issues of survival and vital needs have led to a keen focus on the responsibility that rests on the state communication and information system as the center of public communications in government.

“It is also a collective responsibility shared by all clusters, departments and entities that are part of the system of government communication,” he said. –

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