A group of hackers managed to impersonate Binance’s Chief Communications Officer (CCO) Patrick Hillman in a series of video calls with several cryptocurrency project representatives. To that end, the attackers used what Hillman called an artificial intelligence hologram, a deep fake of his image, and managed to trick some of those projects into thinking Hillman was helping them go public. From the report: Hackers and scammers are improving their methods by incorporating more technological tools into their schemes. Binance Chief Communications Officer (CCO) Patrick Hillmann revealed last week a new and sophisticated way in which attackers used his image for a fraudulent listing operation. Hillmann said the hackers managed to program his AI (artificial intelligence) hologram, a kind of fake that was used to fool representatives of several cryptocurrency projects in Zoom calls. The hologram was able to trick these projects into believing they were being considered for a Binance listing and that Hillmann was part of the operation. The listing scheme was discovered when these members contacted Hillman to thank him for his assistance with the alleged listing opportunities. However, he was unaware of these meetings because he is not involved in the listing process on Binance.

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