The government says it will continue to promote oil and gas exploration as part of the country’s efforts to ensure energy security. Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Guede Montasche said in parliament that they are implementing plans to purchase more nuclear energy, despite what he calls noise from those who oppose it.

Speaking during a debate on the budget in his department, Montache said his department would continue to participate in traditional councils on the importance of these energy sources for their communities and the country’s economy.

Last year, the government amended the Electricity Regulation Act to ensure an increase in own production as part of easing Eskom’s power constraints and reducing the load. It was hoped that large consumers of electricity, including mines, would encourage greater surcharges to build their own generation capacity and the ability to supply surplus to the national grid. He says consumption so far has been very sluggish.

The energy regulator has registered six facilities for the production of electricity with a capacity of 1 MW to 10 MW. However, this has hardly happened so far.

But even after that, some, like Professor Tembo Chabalala of IFP, still want Escoma to be done away with.

Fivaba Madokwe of the EFF criticized the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy for allowing a strike at Sibanye Resources for two months without intervention.

Attorney General Kevin Moleham said it was time to end the testimony with his finger and that he was ready to sit down with the minister to talk about resolving many issues. But not earlier he pointed out some of the problems facing the country.

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