Oh, we all love a little bit of video content, right? It’s a fun, exciting and other way to consume content. We also like to consume as much news as possible to keep abreast of, but we have a busy life, so if we can see what’s happening in a short amount of time, we’ll consider it a victory. Enter: Watch the news in a minute, a segment we’re very proud of and we just know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

So if you want to watch Khayelitshafor The South African channel on YouTube, you only have one click. Or, if you’re happy to get your daily dose right here, look no further … We have all the video content you’re looking for, right here with a quick illustrative version of all the news you need to be up to date! From the man riding in the back of a truck, to the latest political events, sports news and entertainment news, we have videos for every taste, so why not delve deeper?

Thursday, May 19, 2022, and here’s your news in a minute!


Video: South African YouTube channel


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If you really liked the news in the minute video above and you can’t get enough, we have a list of videos below to fully satisfy your appetite. Enjoy your viewing!

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