State Enterprise Minister Provin Gordhan has once again defended the disposition of the government’s majority stake in South African Airways (SAA). He says there was transparency in the deal with the Takatso Consortium.

Gordhan faced a flurry of questions from lawmakers about the deal after he voted in parliament on Friday for his department’s budget.

Some opposition lawmakers say the deal is shrouded in secrecy and are threatening to sue to reveal details.

The sale of a 51% stake in the Takatso consortium has sparked controversy with threats of litigation. The government says the national airliner was hiding the national fiscus, so it was decided to sell part of its stake.

“The sale of a 51% stake in the Takatso consortium has allowed me to assure the public and esteemed members that there has been absolute transparency in the process, all necessary legal processes have been carried out despite many visible efforts to sabotage or undermine what is. an important project in terms of verifying the damage caused by the state seizure, ”said Provin Gordhan, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises.

However, some opposition deputies were not convinced. They say the deal raises more questions than answers.

“There are still a lot of questions if there is real transparency. Answer these questions because the department does not, the media is trying to report on these questions to give South Africans clarity, but there are no real answers. The minister of the department must now tell us what this deal really entails, ”said Vauter Wessel, a member of the Freedom Front Plus MP.

“There seems to be a consistent trend of robbing state-owned enterprises that are strategic for the country, which would help us meet the country’s socio-economic development needs but would also allow the state’s agenda using state-owned enterprises against the SAA minister to see us in court, ”said Nkabayomzi Kwankwa, an MP from the United Democratic Movement.

Gordon adds that the Takatso consortium will introduce 3 billion rupees of working capital into the airliner.

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